The Wave® Team

  • Siôn Buckler

    Founder & CEO

    Siôn is a Public Servant in both the UK and a small British Society in the Caribbean. As a former British Soldier he earned life membership to the Royal Corps of Signals "Home of Cyber Professionals".

    Siôn is also a Military Theorist and Head of Defence for Caribbean Communications Unit (CCU), which specialises in Communications, Intelligence and Defence. In his first few months in this role Siôn secured an Island-Wide Google Contract, Air Traffic Control and a Helicopter Budget for CCU's first base of operations.

    As Founder & CEO of Wave® Siôn is dedicated to making free internet a reality. He raised £1Million+ in Seed Funding then designed the hardware, wrote the software to operate it and even secured several patents from Google in Britain, Germany, France, US and Japan.

  • Rene Ceulen

    Legal Adviser

    Rene is the Owner/director at RMCA Consulting at RMCA Consulting. A Dedicated pioneer and problem solver, working on wholesome and profitable projects.

    Rene worked 5 years with ING Bank in WB and EU funded projects and emerging markets then a futher 23 years as senior legal counsel, a banking consultant, a pension fund trustee and a risk and project manager. Rene then spent 10 years with DSM Anti-Infectives in Corporate and commercial, working with SHE compliance and JVA before incorporating his own firm RMCA, which Rene has operated for the last 13 years.

  • John Ingle

    Financial Adviser

    John is the Principal accountant of 20 years at his own firm J W Ingle & Co.

    John has experience in Financial Reporting, Tax accounting, Wealth Management and Strategic Planning.

    John's office is situated in Tooting in London.