Wave® TOKΞNS exist on the cryptocurrency platform Ethereum, which trades with the ticker symbol ETH and the currency symbol Ξ (Greek uppercase Xi). Wave® TOKΞNS are issued to our investors and lenders instead of paper shares certificates and promissory notes. They're also issued to our engineers, redistributors and internet/ iptv partners, to remunerate development and maintenance of Wave®. The platform utalises the Ethereum public ledger to determine the wallet addresses holding the Wave® TOKΞNS. Ether generated from the Wave® Network is then divided and distributed to the corresponding Token Holders, autonomously and in real-time. Revolut is the recommended banking application for storing and transfering Wave® TOKΞNS and exchanging or withdrawing the Ether cryptocurrency these tokens generate.

Earn 10% APR with Wave®

100 wit 500 wit 1K wit

Wave® Interest TOKΞNS (WIN's) earn their owners a 10% Per Year rate of interest. Your lenders account is generated when you first make a deposit and you can add to it at any time.

Our terms for this scheme are simple - Deposit funds, gain 10% APR interest on the balance of your account. They must also remain in place for the full term in order to qualify for this high rate of interest. For full details please read our Token Documents or feel free to contact us by email.

Earn 16.6% APR with Wave®

5k wrt 60k wrt 150k wrt

Wave® Royalty TOKΞNS (WRT's) give owners 16.6%+ APR on their holdings and each token reflects a share ownership of our global network, which means a share of the profits. After you have purchased Wave® Royalty Tokens, download our Wallet App and email us a copy of your receipt and your Wallet Address (QR Code) and your Tokenized Shares will be transfered to you.

Royalties from our network will be paid out, in Ethereum, to the same wallet addresses where our 1billion Wave® Royalty Tokensare being held. To convert your royalties from Ethereum into your prefered currency in your bank account, simply transfer your Ether to a money exchange (such as Kraken), who can do this quickly, safely and at an low rate. For more information please read our financial documents or if you prefer contact us by email.

Earn 22.5% APR with Wave®

50 win 250 win 500 win

Wave® Impact Notes™ finance short term projects with low risk and high rates of success and returns. Payments into this fund are monthly in order to give the project certainty of funding. This is how Wave® is able to return to WIN TOKΞN™ Holders a 22.5% APR. contact us by email.