The DATR© Academy gives any member of the public instant access our extensive library of educational videos and material, in a more convenient way than digging through all of the content of our source-code repository. The material below os designed to empower a new generation of consumers and producers of our communications network technologies. Once you've consumed the educational material you're interested in below, your user and development experience will be more immersive and rewarding than ever.

TERMS OF SERVICE: DATR©'s source code is all free of charge, transparent to the Open and licensed under the GNU General Open (encouraging others to do the same with it). This includes our websites, software solutions, documents and everything we produce (with the exception of things like sub-repos, who's origional developers may have ascribed different usage licences to their projects e.g. MIT, Mozilla etc), considering it's in our name to do so (quiet literally, since the © in the name DATR© means copyleft). Course participants should be clear what they're paying for in this segment. It is the convenience of access to course material via this website, as oppose to having to go through the source code (which is actually something taught within the course videos). This serves to generate a crypto currency revenue channel without selling the content and breaching the terms of the license agreement of the source code. Furthermore the paywall accepts only crypto currency and not traditional, centrally-controlled fiat currency e.g. US Dollar, UK Pound etc. This is in keeping with our overall mission to decentralize and democratize, it also means no personal information is being collected and it means we're able to automate distribution of the revenue evenly, back to developers (through use of crypto currency smart contracts). These subjects are further explained in our course content above. All payment is non-refundable at this stage, for two key reasons. (1) The course fees are small to the point of negligibility when you understand that the labor required from our decentralize autonomous organization/ society (Scottish Bay), including a proposed code change/transaction reversal of a smart contract action (and a liquid democracy vote to authorize it) is simply unfeasible. (2) Upon successful payment your conveniently granted immediate access to course material, which is what you're paying for e.g. the convenience. So the very act of completing a successful payment and the webhook url redirect which takes you to the content, is the contractual obligation of the contract fulfilled on our part. And finally, a cookie/ token is stored in your client-side cache, to allow you to continue to access the course content from your device, without login credentials. If you wish to access the content from a different device or clear your client-side cache and lose the cookie/ token, then you'll have to pay again to conveniently re-access the content using this method.