DATR© is researching and developing (and inviting you to test) a new way to communicate digitally. Our solution is designed to transform the internet from a paid privelage to a free and inalienable human right. Our growing community is making it possible for any member of the public, in both urban and rural areas, to stop paying corporations for centrally-controlled access to the internet - and instead participate in our revolutionary, democratized and decentralized, FREE internet service.

As of 2020 more than 1 billion wireless access points exist in the world. DATR© is sourcing our solution to every member of the public in the form of a free and universal software upgrade for these common household devices. And each year we pledge to make our solution compatible with 50 million more, pre-existing devices. Since the software enables wireless access points to mesh network, connectivity can now grow into areas without access to internet - without expensive and complex operations, technologies or licences. DATR© is of the people: Built for the people, by the people.

DATR© upgrades your existing wireless access point fully-autonomously (Alternatively our wireless access point software can be installed to a separate single board computer, such as a Raspberry Pi and connected to your wireless router via ethernet). The source code's all in the public domain, for complete transparency. And our solution 100% free for life. And it works in conjunction with your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) - so there's no need to be a tech genius to install it, or a private investigator to understand it. You don't need to pay fees or break and sign contracts, or change your ISP or hardware.

This website features all the initial software, documents and training videos, allowing anyone to upgrade their wireless access point and get started with DATR©. Once you've upgraded, you'll be able to explore and install applications directly to your wireless access point for the first time ever. The free applications being developed for our app-store will blow your mind. There's an iptv and offline media center, energy and camera monitor and a wide selection of virtualized game stations, with virtualized gamepad controllers - all simultaniously accessible from any web-browser of any mobile device, wirelessly connected to your DATR© wireless hotspot.