"Locally Host Apps"

"Locally Host Apps" Demo Video

Today there's more than 1 Billion wireless routers on our planet. Our free firmware gives these devices a built-in app store. Featuring all the latest apps, including IoT, A.I and Blockchain. 50+ Million existing devices already qualify for this  Free Upgrade

  • works on 100M+ devices. 1M+ users by 2025
  • signed patent purchase agreement with Google
  • full anonymity, free, open, decentral & autonomous

Hotspotβnβ makes exploring and installing applications on your wireless router the same experience as on handheld mobile devices. This gives your entire home or businesses occupants instant access to the latest technological advances and developments in privacy, security, control and entertainment.

Join us on our journey. Get the latest FREE Firmware Upgrade


Sion Buckler