DATR© is researching and developing a broad range of technologies which work together to reduce our dependacy (and spend) on internet connectivity. Allowing any member of the public, in both urban and rural areas, to stop paying centrally-controlled corporations for the ability to share information and communicate with one another digitally.

As of 2020 more than 1 billion wireless access points exist in the world. DATR© is sourcing our solution to every member of the public in the form of a free and universal software upgrade for these common household devices. And each year we pledge to make our solution compatible with 50 million more, pre-existing devices. Since the software enables wireless access points to mesh network, connectivity can now grow into areas without access to internet and without expense or legal/ technical complexity.

Our free software upgrade is named Hotspotβnβ. It not only installs fully-autonomously to your wireless router, but you can even run it on a micro computer e.g. Raspberry Pi, which can plug into the rear of your wireless router. Our softwares source code is also free and has been published in the public domain, for total transparency. Furthermore Hotspotβnβ works in conjunction with your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) - so there's no need to be a private investigator to understand it or a tech genius to install it. There's no fees and no contracts to break or sign, not even with your existing ISP.

This website features all the initial software, documents and training videos, allowing anyone to upgrade their wireless access point and begin this journey today. Once upgraded, you'll be able to explore and install applications directly on your wireless access point for the first time anywhere/ ever!. Hotspotβnβ's app-store attracts the most pioneering free applications by the most extrodinary developers. Already there's an iptv and offline media center, a solar/IoT energy and IPCCTV camera monitor and a selection of virtualized game stations (featuring virtualized gamepad controllers) so extensive they date back to the 80's. After a 'one-click' install, these apps (which function on and offline) are all simultaniously accessible from all of your household devices web-browsers, both locally and remotely.